It all started in 2011 when a young couple trying to find their purpose in this world set out to make a difference in the moving industry and in the lives of our First Responders: Fireman, Police Officers, EMS, and Military/Veterans.

As a local fireman himself, John, along with his wife, Amy, quickly learned that men and women in these fields sought additional income opportunities on their days off. To give them another way to provide for their families without experiencing the same risks and trauma on their days off, the idea of First Responders Moving was born. Not only are we able to provide a brotherhood and community within our team for first responders and veterans, but we are able to provide a trustworthy moving service for our customers.

Since then First Responders Moving has quickly grown to become a highly respected and well known moving company in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Our quality of service is unsurpassed due to our team members who put integrity and honesty at the forefront. What initially began as a residential moving service has quickly expanded to include commercial services, packing services, including providing packing totes and materials, and Interior Designers Services that include receiving, warehousing, storage, and installation all over Texas. We aren’t stopping there. We still feel like we are just beginning, and the best is yet to come thanks to our incredible customers who are spreading the word for us!

Our Services

  1. Residential Moving

    Our team of First Responders will have the best plan to get your property loaded and to its destination quickly and safely. We strive to keep your costs as low as possible.

  2. Commercial Moving

    We can help with any of your commercial moving needs.  Whether its out of an office building, financial institution, medical facility, or any other space. We strive for a customer first approach, and service above all else. What else can you expect from a team of First Responders?

  3. Interior Designer Services

    We want to be a seamless extension of your business.  We provide high quality receiving, inspection, storage and delivery options for your client’s needs.  We would love to serve your interior designer needs.

  4. Labor-Only Services

    Moving is stressful as it is but with these type of men and women coming to your home, who are extensively trained, your mind can be put at ease. We will help you pack & load or unload & unpack your belongings.

Our Mission

“What makes our company unique is our initial purpose of why we are in business which is to put money back in the pockets of our firefighters, police officers, ems, military and veterans. These men and women have sacrificed and served, and most are still currently. We feel the strong need to fill the gap for our military transitioning out needing a means to provide for their families along with our first responders who seek ways to bring additional income into their households.”




11825 Starcrest Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78247
(210) 616-1020

Enjoy a stress-free moving experience thanks to our affordable and reliable services. Leave all the packing, loading, and shipping to our honest professionals.